Why I believe in God

I apologize…It’s been a long while since I’ve posted. I’m ashamed to confess that I haven’t made as much time for this blog as I should.

I’ve been coming across a lot of anti-religious dialog and articles online lately, and it makes me wonder why people are so opposed to the idea of religion…or even a diety, regardless of an association with an organized religion.

I believe in God for the sake of hope. I like the idea of having the hope that my life is not just one of a random existence. I like believing that there’s more purpose to my existence. I could be wrong, but I plan to live a life full of hope regardless. If I die and I’m wrong, then so be it. If we assume there is no Heaven, then you can’t have regrets once you’re dead.

I don’t denounce scientific discovery, and I don’t believe it’s my duty to save other people’s souls.  I believe in a God who forgives and who doesn’t look down on us derisively; a God who gives us free will, but controls all other aspects of the world harmoniously (the proverbial balancing of the universe, so to speak). A God whose commandments are designed to improve our quality of life and promote peaceful coexistence.

I love living with the hope that my purpose in life goes beyond merely surviving. I love believing that when people around me pass away, they’re not just dead, but in the hands of God. I love the hope that comes with my faith.

So, regardless of what evidence people may bring forth disputing the existence of God or the Messiah, my hope won’t go anywhere.


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