This is my God.

On January 22, 2011 I took it upon myself to start reading the Bible from cover to cover. Not solely for the sake of saying I personally did what the vast majority of Christians have yet to do, but to learn more about the religion I choose to profess. Growing up I seldom trusted my teachers or the information they taught. I was never content just hearing the information and accepting it as fact. Why should learning about my religion be any different? So my goal was set – read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation – read for myself what God expects from me. I no longer want to trust others’ interpretations of God’s word – I want to read it directly and see for myself what the Bible says to me. This blog is simply a collection of my opinions, observations, and religious-growth. No more Sunday School cookie-cutter interpretations. I want to read the REAL Word and develop a REAL understanding.

I’ll post as I read through the Bible, and I encourage everyone who reads this to post and offer insight/opinions/debate, etc. I want people to question what they know. There are no answers without questions – no one said the questions and answers have to come from someone else. My theory is – you can follow religion blindly and choose to be blissfully ignorant about what you believe, but why? There are so many amazing reasons to believe. The best part about faith is that ultimately it comes down to you and God. It’s a personal relationship. Don’t let the crazy, nut-job, religious fanatics sway you.

Maybe I should point out a few things about myself first, so you can gain a little understanding about my POV. First, I grew up in church (since I was 10 or 11 or so). Secondly, I don’t believe homosexuality is evil. I couldn’t tell you if it’s a choice or not, and I’m not ignorant enough to pretend I would even know that. And lastly, I love my church, and I love the people in that church, but I will never believe that regular attendance is a prerequisite for salvation.

Maybe this blog will inspire you to take charge of your own beliefs and grow with God. If not, at least you’ll learn something about the best selling book in North America 🙂

P.S. Keep in mind, I don’t tolerate hate speech or blatant ignorance, so if you post horribly offensive things that offer no structure to the debate, they will be deleted.


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